1. Welcome to the Clouds of Glory

    2. In Clouds of Glory is a miniature war game representing the air combats over Europe during the first world war. The game uses 1/350th scale 3D printed airplane models mounted on 80 centimeters high carbon-fibre rods for a true representation of the relative altitude differences between the aircraft.

    3. Alongside the high mounting rods the game makes use of a unique set of features working together: The 360 degree aircraft  mounting system, the freely moveable altitude adjustment and the energy management system. 

    4. The design of the game is an old con amore design project among friends and bringing the game to this level of finish and in English, has been a project over 15 years in the making.

    5. This website

    6. We are very happy to finally present the ”In Clouds of Glory” game system as a whole system, useable for others than us the designers.

    7. On this website you can find most of the resources needed to play the game including the rules, playable scenarios, game aids and templates. Currently you can find the core rules, game resolution tables, templates for making turns and range rulers, a scenario pack as well as Cockpit panel files for a number of the most iconic aircraft of the period can be found and downloaded here.

05.09.16  Updated Mission and Campaign book.

Added 4 new missions.

24.03.14  More cockpit panels

Again we update the cockpit panels for a series of classic planes in service during 1917, and three late war airplanes.

10 new Cockpit panels is now ready for download, expanding the total numbers of Cockpit panels to 56. 

The new cockpit panels is :

English :                                         German:                                        French :

Nieuport 24bis                                      Albatros C.III                                        Spad S.XI

Sopwith Snipe                                       Fokker DVIII/E.V                                Hanriot HD1          

RAF B.E.2e                                             Fokker E.III       

                                                                  Hansa Brandenburg W29             

Contact the designers with any questions or feedback :



    1. Later we will add more stuff: More scenarios, more plane types and later also an expanded rule-set covering more exotic stuff such as full campaign rules,  ground attacks and Zeppelins.

    1. Free full rules download

    2. The game rules and all the game aids needed to play the game is freely downloadable under a Creative Commons 3.0 license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/)

    3. In short that means that you can copy, use and modify the game as you see fit, but you cannot earn money by doing so. We would love to see someone make a WWII version of it or a  air combat game involving dragon riders! Or perhaps a space version inspired by a popular space opera movie from 1977.

Visit our forum on Boardgamegeek.com 
Our forum at Boardgamegeek is a good place too learn more about the game and post any question you might have. There is a lot of exciting AAR´s´from the game that will give a good idea of how the game is played, and what kind of gaming experience to expect.