Carbon fibre rod flight stands

The carbon fibre rods used for this game is 1.5 mm in diameter and is cut with a fine saw to a length of 85 cm.

(For the non-metric beliers, that will be 33” in length and approx. 0.06”in diameter).

We recommend playing the game on Styrofoam boards

With the carbon rod flight stand sharpened in the bottom, they will poke right into the boards and hold the flight

stand and the airplane firmly in place. Sharpen the rods with a fine file or sanding paper.

The rods which is normally used as push-rods for radio controlled aircraft, can be acquired from most hobby

stores that sell materials for R/C hobby needs. They can of course also be found several places on the internet.

If you decide to play the game on a normal table without Styrofoam boards, you should use shorter stands

(around 60 cm) and use a heavy circular lead/pewter base of some sort.

Drill a hole in the base and mount the rod in the hole.

Make sure that the diameter of the base is not too big as the bases then will touch each other in a close dogfight.

Do note that should it happened that a base and flight stand is moved accidental, it is difficult to restore the

airplanes position again, whereas the “carbon rod inserted in Styrofoam” normally will sway back

into position when touched.

Making a 360 degree nose mount

The nose mounts are very simple to make: Made from 0,8 mm piano wire and heat crimp tube.

Cut the piano wire into pieces of approx. 3 cm.

Bend the piano wire pieces 90 degrees, leaving one end of 2cm and one at 1cm with some flat pliers or a fixed clamp.

Cut the crimp tube into 1 cm pieces. Insert the piano wire into the tube at the middle by piecing the tube piece with the piano wire.

Slide airplane model onto mount and leave it there, storing the plane in this configuration.

Removing a plane too many times from its nose mount will expand the hole in the nose of the plane and

make it loose the friction needed to sit firmly on the mount

You can buy the piano wire in most model hobby stores and the heat crimp tube can be bought in

hobby electronics stores or in DIY home supply stores.









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