So is this game really free?

•You can download the rules and supporting files for free at this site. But you still need to invest time and money in building your game set.

Which files do I need?

•You can find the files and file descriptions in the “Download section” (link at the top of this page)

What equipment is needed to play?

•You need rules, turn, move and measuring templates, cockpit panels, flight stands and nose mounts, assorted dice and some miniature airplanes.

How do I get this equipment?

•You can find most of that information in the “How to” section on this website. Often it will help to find a local supplier.

How long does a game take to play through?

•That depends. The game is detailed but a quick game with a couple of planes take 1 - 1 ½  .. A big epic air battle with say 12-14 planes takes 5-6 hours from the start of the first round.

Are these rules really free?

•Yes, and we wont even charge you for the coming expansions and updates. Also you can modify the rules as you see fit as long as you quote the inspiration and and you own work is also free under the same 3.0  Creative Commons license.

What is a Creative Commons 3.0 license

•Look at this page: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

Does the flight stands ruin the game boards when you poke them in?

•Yes, but very, very slowly. The game boards we have are from the mid nineties and has been used for literally hundreds of games..

We have restored them with some glue and some fresh paint and flocking, but they are still fine.

I love WWI air wargames but have only played Wings of War/Glory.. Is this for me?

•Yes and no… This game is a very different animal from WOW and it will feel heavier than WOW. Heavier in the sense that it gives you a much more realistic and comprehensive perspective on WWI aerial combat and tactics, but also heavier in the sense that the rules are more cumbersome, and the playing time is longer for the same kind of battle. We also now and then play WOW because it is a fast and elegant system. Good for beer and pretzels style of play. For ICOG you need a bit more investment to get in.

No hexes or altitude dices/pegs or whathaveyou?

•Nope! Looks good does it not? This is a WYSIWYG or “What you see is what you get” game.. So if you see a plane upside down, high above an enemy A/C then that is what it is, instead of a plane with a die placed on “1” beside a plane with a die placed on “6”.

No hexes! Is it not difficult to move the planes precisely?

•You need to practice a bit, but not really. But often you will need the help of you opponent when making a complex move. That also has  the benefit of you agreeing on the fairness of the move. It is a social game in that sense also.  But in many ways this is no different from other miniatures war games such as Flames of War or Warhammer, this is just in 3D.

Why 1/350th scale

•It provides small enough models for the WYSIWYG effect to take place. The small scale gives a very good scale representation when compared with other comparable games using larger models (or a smaller ground scale). Also: The small planes can, when made from plastics materials , be light enough to use very high (85 cm)  carbon flight stands

That did not answer my question at all!

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A three dimensionel miniature air war game